Garden of Eden Testimonials

    We started with Garden of Eden back in October 2008. It's hard to believe it's been six years! We initially signed up for one month of service to test it out and we were so pleased we have continued on ever since.  We love the food and I know we are just that much healthier because of it.  We have two notebooks filled with recipes, filed by the main, unique ingredient (e.g., butternut squash, sorrel, etc.). These are recipes that we've either found on the internet or have received them in the weekly mailings.  We eat well!

    The folks that run this CSA are exceptional and I've had the pleasure of interacting with them every week. They are friends and I always look forward to picking up the food each week.

    Mike Stephenson, San Diego

    We absolutely love GOE! They have taught us great ways to use the incredible fruits and veggie's in our box. I love how much they educate my kids on eating fresh foods and the importance of farming. Jenny & Paul do so much for the community, we are so thankful to be a part of their CSA! 


    We've been getting this CSA over the past year and we love it! The small family box is perfect for a family of 2 parents and 2 kids. They have the freshest, most beautiful produce you'll ever see, and there is a huge variety. A big perk for us is the ability to trade an item for something else and get a bonus item each week to customize the box to our needs. The pickup times are convenient as well, and if you're picking up from the farm stand, there is always plenty of produce, and other things like eggs, to choose from if you need to purchase extra on a given week. The price is competitive with other CSAs in the area. We have tried others but this is our favorite so far. You can really tell this is a family-run business. Whenever we stop by, the owners take the time to chat with us, and everyone who works there is great with small children and dogs. Everyone is welcome--that personal touch (besides the excellent produce they sell) makes it a pleasure to visit every time. Our family highly recommends Garden of Eden Organics!


    We have thoroughly enjoyed our membership with the Garden of Eden CSA over the last year and a half. Jennifer, Paul & staff are always very helpful, informative and fun to talk with on our routine visits. We juice daily with many of the veggies and fruits they provide and greatly appreciate the variety and how fresh everything is. HIGHLY recommended and it supports our local agriculture.

    Sue and Buzz Barton

    Hello my name is Eva Delarosa and I was one of the first customers that discovered Garden of Eden the first week they opened two years ago. I have been addicted since that first day and first taste! Garden of Eden is a true treasure in Escondido! There is no place like it and the vegetables, fruit, and salad is impossible to beat!  The owners Jennifer and Paul are just delightful and make every customer feel like family! They also offer wonderful recipes and advice on eating clean and healthy! The Garden of Eden is like no other place I have ever experienced and your food literally comes out of the ground and on your plate the same day! This is the way we should all be eating and the way our great grandparents ate!
    Check out Garden of Eden and experience the way food should taste!! 

    Eva Delarosa

    I must rave about GOE! I met Jennifer at the farm stand in Escondido by chance. She told me about the pick ups for the produce boxes around town. I live in Mission Hills and lo and behold, there was a pick up 3 minutes from me! The first thing I noticed was the incredible freshness of the produce, and the realistic sizes - smaller apples (obviously how they were supposed to be!) and huge lettuce heads! The variety in the box, simply amazing! Ok, so visually, worth it. THEN Igot home and tasted. Wow. I honestly never knew an apple could taste like that....can't even describe it. And the greens, even the organic stuff from TJ or Sprouts doesn't come close to something picked the same day..........from the taste, to the variety to the people involved in Garden of Eden, it's an incredible experience. Every other produce box story I have heard pales in comparison.......THANKS GEO!!!

    Mellisa Collins